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The top 10 most common health insurance claims can vary depending on the population and the specific insurance coverage, but here are 10 commonly seen health insurance claims:

1. Office visits: Routine doctor appointments or examinations.
2. Outpatient treatment: Services provided in a hospital or clinic setting without admission.
3. Prescription drugs: Medications prescribed by healthcare providers.
4. Emergency room visits: Immediate medical attention for urgent and severe health conditions.
5. Diagnostic tests: Laboratory tests, X-rays, or imaging scans.
6. Maternity care: Pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care for expectant mothers.
7. Mental health services: Therapy sessions or treatment for mental health conditions.
8. Surgical procedures: Inpatient or outpatient surgeries.
9. Physical therapy: Rehabilitation services or movement exercises to help with recovery.
10. Preventive services: Routine screenings, vaccinations, and wellness visits to maintain good health and prevent illness.

It’s important to remember that this is a generalized list, and the most common claims can vary based on factors such as age, geographic location, and the specific insurance plan.

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